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What if you could stop fighting your own success and finally set goals, achieve them, and manifest your dreams?

Manifestation + Motivation + Mindfulness

Guided by the moon, connected to the stars, new each month in time for setting your intentions and creating your vision.

We THRIVE in rituals, routines, and Self-awareness and we all want to express, plan, create, play, grow and achieve. Let's go!

It all started when I realized that I was literally throwing away every planner I ever bought, with only a few pages filled out. Wasted time, money, and paper, along with wasted energy and thought processes.

No book or system was ever right for what I was trying to achieve. As an artist, I discovered the "bujo" - and let me tell you THAT was a rabbit hole! Bullet journals are cute, but I spent WAY too much time doodling and picking out stickers, and not enough time doing the actual writing, goal setting, planning, and manifesting.

You're a woman of the world- you know you that routines, rituals, journaling, planning, writing down your goals and creating daily affirmations are all great for productivity, achievement, and manifesting. Somehow you also need to keep a schedule because yes, in reality, at least some of your day revolves around some form of responsibility to a timeline.

You want it to be easy, fun, and well let's face it, it would be nice it was also beautiful, practical, and understandable.

"90 day" and "30 day" achievement systems begin on an arbitrary starting day (usually the 1st of the month) with a finish line expected by the end of a set period of time. When I tried those journals, I ended up disappointed with myself for not "winning" in a set period of time, or I hustled and GROUND-IT-OUT so hard that I felt defeated even if I managed to meet a goal.


After my lifelong struggle with planners, I found ONE that I sort of liked. It had more room for writing, and space for things like affirmations, gratitude, and vision boarding. But it still wasn't perfect, because it was lacking the focus on manifesting that I knew I would need in order to maintain multiple-6-figure CEO status in my art business without burning out. I also was "making do" with the blank spaces in the planner to force them to be what I wanted them to be.

I then discovered the concept of cycling with the various energies present at different periods of the month, year, and life as a whole.

Things started to make sense as I paid more attention and deepened my study of energy.


Monthly planners push for achievement starting on the 1st of the month,

with the "finish line" expected by the last day of the month.

But energies are different throughout the month, depending on the cycles of nature. The moon- the largest and closest bright object in our sky, goes through cycles lasting about 29 days.

Learn to work with these cycles, and to recognize your own cycles of productivity, creativity, and rest when you are guided by the moon, stars, and sun.

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You don't have to go it alone

Moon Journaling + Life Planning for less hustle, more FLOW

Private Community - share and grow together

When courses feel like too much "work," self-help books feel too "lonely," and planners fee too "heavy..."

this isn't a planner, it's a guide for creating your best life and experiencing the abundance of gratitude,

your secret weapon for manifesting your desires as they change and evolve.

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New File in your account every 29 days

Downloadable PDF

Import to your favorite app or print out

Includes Moonthly Members private group for new + full moon ritual ideas, book club, and sharing


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Receive prior to each new moon. N.Hemisphere

Thick matte writable pages

8.5" x 7" sturdy foldable book

Includes Moonthly Members private group for new + full moon ritual ideas, book club, and sharing

Start right away with downloadable prep PDF

Subscriptions are billed every 29 days, in advance to your new moon start (next new moon)

$22.22 includes USA shipping

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Your goals die as "dreams" without an action plan.

Manifesting can happen while you're sitting on the couch... however usually it happens AFTER you have set the stage and focused some energy towards what you desire. Writing down your goals (along with facing obstacles and creating step-by-step plans) helps!

Let's illuminate your desires.

This journal system isn't comfortable with you staying stuck, rehashing the past, or doodling your "wishes." We are going to shed light on what you really want, and create pathways toward those things, full of flow and gently-directed focus.

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According to research, less than 3% of Americans have written goals, and less than 1% review and write their goals on a daily basis. People who achieve their dreams can tell you where they are going and what they plan to do along the way. It doesn't always happen according to those plans-but energy flows where focus goes.


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Each moon cycle you'll find self-care reminders, ritual suggestions, mindfulness exercises, astrological info about the general energies present in the cosmos, and guided questions along with weekly planners, gratitude journaling, and spaces to visualize and manifest your needs, wants, and desires.


Each book is themed for the name of the moon of the month- these are based on ancient names given by indigenous peoples who lived close to the land, guided more closely by natural cycles than we are in our cubicle-based modern lifestyle. Slow down and connect back to mother nature.

*this is not an atrological/horoscope focused journal. We discuss the general energies, plantery and cosmic transits present during the major moon phases, but do not have daily guidance. We do have suggestions for you if you wish to involve yourself deeply in astrology.

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Learn how to create your own rituals, set and follow through on goals, develop your mindset for success, and bond with your fellow journalers during live/recorded video meetups.

Reading or looking at something beautiful is not the same as implementing and taking action- let's work together to transform your life- 29.5 days at a time.

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Gifts for you:


The inside front cover of each journal has a gorgeous piece of art you can pull/print out and hang, if you wish.

Monthly Gift with print journal: Affirmation Cards printed on thick traditional Tarot Card stock, for you to keep, collect, and display on your altar or use as a bookmark.



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I'm a multipassionate entrepreneur and business owner, lifelong artist, teacher by vocation and B.S., Transformational Coach, and Star Junkie (I have been collecting things with stars on them for over 25 years!) I absolutely love the light of the stars, brightness of the sun, and mysteries of the moon.

My mission is to bring beauty, light, flow, and passion to planning, playing, and achieving everything our hearts desire and need in rythm with nature and our own cycles.

Writing your Reality can be gorgeous and fun, you don't have to be an artist or spend loads of time decorating and drawing to enjoy a beautiful journal of your own.


We want you to love our journals. If you don't, drop us a message to let us know if we can help you, fix a problem, cancel your subscription, or refund you. No one wants to hold onto the energy of dissatisfaction, including us.



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